Best Laser Tag Sets in 2021: Top 10 Laser Guns Reviewed

Laser tag is a recreational shooting competition in which competitors tag targets with infrared-emitting light weapons. Each player wears infrared-sensitive signaling equipment to register strikes, which are also built into the arena in which the game is played.

Whether it’s for a birthday party or just for fun, an intense laser tag game is one of the better opportunities for your kids to have a good time. They have the opportunity to run around and spend meaningful time with their friends and families.

Laser Tag Equipment Buying Guide: How to Choose? 

Everyone loves a good game of laser tag, but this action-packed pastime can be very costly when played at a specialized location. Buying your laser tag weapons and accessories instead of going to a designated location will save you money. 

Even the simplest laser tag gun sets can offer an immersive gameplay experience, with incredible shooting ranges that allow you to play both indoors and outdoors. Will you want to play laser tag at home?

Sound Effects & Vibration 

This is what makes a laser tag game so enjoyable. When shopping for laser tag cartridges, look for ones that make a range of sound effects when fired. You can also select laser tag weapons that have a range of shooting modes. 

Many laser tag weapons would allow you to switch between firing modes with the press of a button, each with its sound effects. These would not just provide you a more immersive shooting experience, but they will also notify you when you have been effectively fired upon.

Receiver Vest 

When it comes to laser tag weapons for home use, there are two key choices to remember. A laser tag gun and vest combination is the most popular alternative. The vests are worn over the chest and have receivers in the front and back. These are the most popular types of laser tag equipment. 

However, keeping both the vests and the laser tag weapons fully packed with batteries can be expensive. Vests may also be inconvenient to use between individuals of different sizes. As a result, you would want to go for a laser tag gun that contains a receiver as part of its construction.

Firing Range 

If you just want to play indoors, a shooting range isn’t necessary. Almost any laser tag gun on the market would give you more than enough range to play indoor games. However, if you want to play laser tag outside, make sure you have a long enough shooting range. When it comes to laser tag gameplay outdoors, a range of 180 feet can give you plenty of choices. More sophisticated laser tag weapons, on the other hand, can give you a greater range.


When it comes to laser tag weapons, there are several different options. This can vary from single weapons to sets of two or three guns that require additional purchases. 

Even if you buy a package of four arms and receivers, you might like to play with more people later. As a result, make sure that all laser tag equipment you buy is consistent with any additional weapons you may choose to buy later.

Number of Blasters 

Would your kids choose to play solo games in which a single player attempts to tag other players, or would they choose to be a part of a team? 

Depending on how many players you choose to include, laser tag weapons are usually sold in sets of two, four, or six. If you want to have bigger fights, you should still buy different sets, and they’ll all work well with teams of any scale.


A laser tag gun’s setting is dictated by the number of features it has, but you’ll have a power button, speaker, target field, reload button, and, of course, your weapon. If the kit includes this, the health and ammunition screens can be included on the vests, or you’ll see them on the side of the blaster to show how much longer you have in the game. Flashlights and invisibility settings are two more settings to be aware of.

Shooting Modes 

Any of the most modern laser tag technology on the market helps you to swap between various weapon modes, such as grenade launchers, handguns, and shotguns, each of which has a different effect on how many lives your enemies lose. 

Aside from the various firing modes, there’s also the laser spectrum to remember, which aids in aiming and precise shooting. If you plan on playing outdoors, pick a product with a range of at least 120 feet to make the game more engaging and enjoyable.


The more technologically advanced sets allow players to participate in various gameplay modes and provide embedded hardware that can emulate battles or games inspired by science fiction videogames. 

There are even more simple packs for kids who only want to have fun tagging their peers. Some laser packs, including some of the options mentioned above, including gadgets such as roving robots, give the game a new twist and make it more fun to play.

Ease of use 

Depending on whether you choose a package with or without vests, you will find that wearing a target vest limits your versatility. It will make the player feel uneasy and impede their movement. 

However, most sets nowadays contain the sensor as part of the blaster, so this issue is no longer an issue. If you’re playing with kids, look for an ergonomic style that makes firing the trigger fast and simple.


Owing to the game’s design and the fact that laser tag weapons are often used for hours at a time, durability can be an issue. In most cases, the higher the price, the greater the quality of the items, which means you have a greater chance of the toys lasting a fair length of time.

Best Laser Tag Sets: Our Top 10 Picks

#1 Kidpal Laser Tag 

This Kidpal laser tag package proves that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to play a fun game of laser tag at home. This premium kit comes with four laser tag weapons and four laser tag vests, allowing the whole family or a party of friends to play simultaneously. You can also conveniently mix this package with other vests and weapons from different sets to massively extend your laser tag game choices.

You can break into two-player teams or pit a single player against a big team of three with the four pistol and vest packs included. It’s simple to separate groups into different teams with four distinct squad colors and guarantee that you’re all shooting in the same direction while playing.

Unlike standard laser tag packs, the pieces in this category provide advanced features and immersive reviews. Multiple fire modes are available on the weapon, ranging from single shots to rocket launcher-style attacks. There are several sounds available to provide an entertaining and action-packed experience. When an opponent attacks you, the vests vibrate as well—providing you with excellent reviews and encouraging you to immerse yourself even further in your game.


  • launcher-style attacks
  • Multiple fire modes
  • action-packed experience
  • variety of colors 
  • high durability 


  • No volume control button

#2 Ainek Laser Tag

This kit from Ainek is a decent choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive laser tag collection to enjoy at home. This set comes with four weapons and four vests, making it a very cheap way to play action-packed laser tag games at home. Each vest and gun pair are a different color making it easier to spot enemy targets in the middle of a fight. 

When it comes to team assignments, you still have complete control. You can keep it accessible by splitting teams in half and pitting two players against two opponents, or you can make one player face a trio of foes. You can also combine this kit with other Ainek vests and weapons, allowing for an unlimited number of players in a laser tag game.

There’s still a lot of space for customizing the laser tag experience. The weapons have various firing modes, allowing you to fire infrared shots in several ways, as well as a variety of sound effects and voice-guided instructions to immerse you in your game completely. The vests also have outstanding alerts, with sounds indicating whether enemy bullets have struck you.


  • Multiple – Ammo 
  • inexpensive laser tag
  • easier to spot enemy targets
  • various firing modes
  • variety of sound effects


  • Bad Customer support 

#3 Laser X Laser Tag 

Get into the fun with the newest Laser Tag MegaPack! There are four tactile laser weapons for target practice, four digital target vests, and an automated scampering “spider.” 100% Safe for Children and features a range of 130-foot, the 0.9mW infrared laser technology operates flawlessly. 

Two weapons with receiver vests are included in this collection, despite the weapons wired to the vests. You should also use your infrared pistol without it messing with your gameplay.

These laser tag weapons have an especially incredible range, with maximum ranges of up to 200 miles. The vests and weapons even have various lighting effects that help you keep track of accurate hits even though you’re shooting from a long distance.

You’ll also benefit from the feature of immersive voice coaching, which will provide you with valuable tips and suggestions while you play. Headphones can be attached to the receiver to give you more sound effects when you’re playing. Since these weapons and receivers operate with every Laser X equipment, you can quickly increase the number of laser tag matches.


  • Incredible Range
  • Variety of Lighting Effects
  • Immersive Voice Coaching
  • Good Sound Effects
  • High Durability 


  • Battery backup could have been better. 

#4 Yasity Laser Tag

This YASITY laser tag kit comes with everything you’ll need to play a fun game of laser tag at home. Four laser tag weapons and four-receiver vests are included with this kit, each with its distinct color to make for quick team recognition. These laser tag weapons also have a long shooting range of up to 130 feet, enabling you to participate in combat outdoors.

There are some shooting modes to choose from, including revolver, machine gun, grenade launcher, and shotgun. Each firing mode has its distinctive sound effects. The weapons are often built with ergonomic handling in mind, making them suitable for consumers of all ages.

These weapons are child-friendly due to their ergonomic forms and infrared emittance, healthy for children. You have more than enough facilities for families and small groups of friends to play with, four arms and receivers included. However, you can play a much bigger laser tag game by teaming up with additional YASITY laser gun packs.


  • Long shooting range of up to 130 feet
  • Suitable for combat outdoors
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Child-friendly
  • Good portability 


  • Low durability 

#5 Alphapoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Blasters

These AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are different from the other laser tag devices on this list, but they do have some exclusive functions and functionality. Each blaster has a range of light and sound effects that help you immerse yourself in the game.

With limitless ammunition and fast reloading, you can play laser tag for hours without thinking about running out of Nerf projectiles. The blasters also have health indicators and ammunition capability updates, so no separate receiver vest is needed.

These blasters also have a 225-foot range, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also use the Nerf Laser Ops Pro software to personalize your blasters and keep track of your gameplay and success statistics. Every blaster also comes with an armband that helps you hold your paired smart device close by for easy access to important gaming notifications and stats.


  • 225-foot range
  • Limitless ammunition and fast reloading
  • Health indicators
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Gameplay statistics view 


  • Don’t work with the next Pheniox laser guns. 

#6 Armogear Laser Tag

For younger people, the ArmoGear laser tag weapons are a perfect option. This kit comes with four mini blasters, each with its distinct color to allow players to divide into teams. 

Each blaster comes equipped with an assortment of LED lights that emit different effects during gameplay and vibrations to enhance the experience. These blasters’ ergonomic architecture was developed with younger customers and smaller hands in mind.

There is no need for extra vests since the weapons themselves serve as receivers for enemy fire. This is especially useful for a short game of laser tag, as it eliminates the risk of individual components being destroyed and stopping you from playing. The weapons’ smaller size makes them easy to pack and transport, allowing you to take them with you while you meet friends. You won’t need to buy too many batteries if you don’t wear receiver vests.

The Laser Tag Blasters and Vests come with a complete money-back guarantee, making them an excellent option. Even successful laser tag sets will occasionally come with a malfunctioning cartridge, but the warranty can mean that you get the problem fixed if this happens to you.


  • Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Four Mini Blasters
  • Led Lights
  • No Need for Extra Vests
  • Useful for A Short Game


  • A bit expensive 

#7 Majik Laser Tags 

Even though this laser tag package varies from the ones on this series, it is well worth considering. Most of the same features as standard laser tag blasters are used in this pair of Majik laser tag blasters. 

However, it has a smaller size that eliminates the need for separate receiver vests. Each blaster has LED indicators that show how much life is left in each player, as well as a variety of sound effects that help you immerse yourself in the game.

One thing to keep in mind about this collection is that it has a reasonably small variety. You’ll only be able to shoot infrared beams up to a distance of around 20 feet, making outdoor gaming a little challenging. The short-range, on the other hand, makes these laser tag blasters ideal for indoor use. If you wish to use more than two players, you can pair these blasters with other Majik compatible packs.


  • Budget-friendly product 
  • High portability 
  • High durability 
  • Attractive colors 
  • Good design


  • A low range of laser tags 

#8 Rayns Laser Tags 

Infrared technology is used in the Sharper Picture two-player series electronic laser tag, rendering it competitive and thrilling with laser action that involves strike count lasers, vibration, and built-in sound effects. It has a simple thumb trigger action for quick operation and a grip-style handheld interface. Bring them wherever you choose to compete with your family and friends!

This two-player package has hit count lights, built-in sound effects and sounds, and infrared technology, making it ideal for smaller games with just as much fun and competitiveness. 

The style is perfect for those who are new to laser tag, so that this collection will cater to people of all ages. Although this Laser Tag Kit Electronic Game only comes with two blasters, you can purchase several sets if you want to play with a greater party. 

This kit comes without any extra hardware, so it’s perfect if you only want a basic set of blasters for performing amazing games with the kids without any of the bells and whistles. 


  • Infrared Technology
  • Built-In Sound Effects
  • Simple Thumb Trigger 
  • Quick Operation 
  • Grip-Style Handheld Interface


  • No pads 

#9 Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag

This laser tag kit is designed for extreme laser tag players. This package is entirely rechargeable rather than battery-powered, enabling you to play up to eight games per charge. 

The box package contains four blasters and vests that are interchangeable, allowing you to increase your squad size by purchasing additional vests and blasters. 

Each blaster and vest have an LCD screen that displays the battery level and the player’s remaining lives. This laser tag collection also includes several specialized features not included in other sets, such as several weapon modes and a stealth mode.

The Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Package is the game for you if you want to hold your kids entertained for hours. You’ll realize it was worth every penny when you see their unbridled joy at the thought of racing around, blasting their mates with lasers, and racking up points. Several different laser tag packs are available, but they all have the same general setup: four laser weapons and four target vests.

The batteries last longer, and the guns and vests are more receptive. In reality, the product page states that you can play up to eight games on a single charge. There are four weapon modes on the arms (pistol, automatic, laser, and rocket). This alters the intensity of the fire and the sound effects, giving the game a more authentic feel. You can also choose from stealth mode, a night flashlight, and a variety of other options.


  • Rechargeable
  • Lcd screen that displays the battery level & player remaining lives 
  • Authentic Feel
  • Night Flashlight
  • Four Weapon Modes


  • No sensor on guns 

#10 Kidzlane’s Laser Tag

For those who want to get straight into the action without having to put on any of the required stuff, Kidzlane’s laser tag weapons are all you’ll need to get started blasting away. 

Choose your team color first, then your ammunition form. You can choose from four different types of weapon modes for these guns: revolver, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. You can also change weapon modes in the middle of a game!

Game Mega Pack is the perfect in-house game for family and friends that takes the excitement out of what you’ve been watching on TV and turns it into something concrete in an exciting way. With this package, you can set the scene for some of the most entertaining and enjoyable fight encounters you’ve ever had.

Bring the war to life with realistic thundering sound effects, excellent lighting, and tactile vibrations that make you feel like you’re a genuine part of the game. Your pistol will serve as an objective thanks to the built-in receiver, and you won’t need to wear a vest. Furthermore, the blaster provides nine lives per session, as shown by the lives bar on your gun, lives that you must safeguard.

The Kidzlane laser blaster game is entirely safe for both adults and children, and it is constructed to the industry’s highest production standards. This game package utilizes Infant Protection Infrared Exposure 0.9mW, which has been approved as safe for use by people of all ages. A toy has been thoroughly tested and approved.


  • Infant Protection
  • Four Different Types of Weapon Modes 
  • Children Friendly 
  • Built-In Receiver
  • High Durability 


  • Bad customer support 

Open Questions about Laser Tag Sets (FAQs)

How to Play Laser Tag?

The target is the same when you play indoors or outdoors: hit your opponent’s sensors with your gun’s laser. You should disappear behind objects to avoid being seen by your enemy and thereby avoiding being struck. However, in most games, the more assertive player is compensated, so striking another player is worth more than the damage you’ll suffer if you’re hit.

What Should I Wear for Laser Tag?

The aim is to blend in with the environment as much as possible, so wear colors that will help you blend in. So, you don’t become an easy target (darker shades if you’re playing indoors). Dress in comfortable shoes because you’ll be hopping around a lot.

Where Can I Play Laser Tag?

Laser tag can be played almost anywhere with enough space to run, which isn’t too crowded. Indoor and outdoor games may be played at any time of day or night, but the range will be somewhat reduced in direct sunlight. Without sunshine, the range is about 50 meters during daytime hours; but the more sunlight you get, the narrower the range.

What is an ideal range of Laser Tag?

The majority of the brands in this article have a firing range of up to 150 feet. Some goods have a range of over 200 feet, while others are more restricted and narrower. Users are still searching for wider ranges so they can build bigger arenas to compete in. The positive news is that most suppliers will make their planned range available so that consumers will determine whether or not they are happy with it.

How did Laser Tag Become So Popular?

Laser tag is a casual shooting game in which players tag their targets with light weapons. Since the weapons emit infrared radiation, participants can use infrared-sensitive indicator devices. The instruments are often put in the field where the game is being played.

Laser tags became standard in 1979, and their implementations and technological capabilities differ. The hardware dictates their operation, applications enabled, and communication capability. The final game could be anything from science fiction to classic video games.

Are laser tags dangerous? 

Since infrared rays are used in sport, this is a common issue. The laser guns produce low-energy, low-frequency rays. Such beams are incapable of causing damage. The most common injuries are those sustained by players after slipping, such as fractures.

Since infrared rays are used in sport, this is a common issue. The laser guns produce low-energy, low-frequency rays. Such beams are incapable of causing damage. The most common injuries are those sustained by players after slipping, such as fractures.

Can Laser tags make you blind? 

Several experiments have been performed to assess the effect of laser weapons on a person’s retina, and the findings have shown that the guns have little effect on vision.

However, if you are exposed to laser lights for an extended period, you can experience flash blindness. When the eyes are dazzled after coming into contact with artificial light, the disease happens. Controlling the amount of time, you are exposed to laser light will help you prevent flash blindness.

How many players can play a Laser tag game at once? 

A game of laser tag requires a minimum of two players. The maximum total, though, ranges from one arena to the next. Some games have a limit of 30 players and make four or six players. Wide parks can hold up to 50 spectators per game.


Laser tag is the nearest you’ll come to be the hero of your own video game, and at-home laser tag sets will match the thrills of a laser tag arena. There are numerous laser tag packs on the market, ranging from classic versions to cutting-edge features.

There are many fun laser tag toys out there, but the Nerf Phoenix collection is a decent one for the entire family. New players would find it easier, and the blasters have the longest range of any on our list, allowing experienced players to spread out. Although this package contains two weapons, different sets can include the whole family or a group of friends.